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Serving clients in Annapolis, Columbia, Silver Springs, Bethesda, Towson, Laurel, College park, Baltimore.

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    Who am I: SEO Expert Raj Clark

    Raj Clark Bouncerank owner and SEO Expert

    My name is Roggie Clark (Raj), I am an SEO project manager, director and Google certified marketing consultant based in Odenton, Maryland.

    I am originally from the area as I grew in Laurel and went to school in Towson, MD.

    I have seven years of experience working at SEO agencies, and internally at a home improvement software company.

    I truly love what I do, because I am able to help business owners improve their websites and sustain long-term growth.

    Overview of SEO services I offer

    • Rewriting your content so that is easy to read by customers
    • Find top performing search terms your audience uses to find similar businesses
    • Speeding up your website so visitors can easily browse
    • Sharing your website content with news outlets, influencers, and editorials to increase brand awareness
    • Adding title and description tags to improve traffic from local neighborhoods
    • 1-on-1 coaching sessions to guide do-it-yourselfers and businesses who already have marketing services
    If there is a specific service you need, email me directly at

    Industries I’ve serviced

    • Dentistry
    • Ophthalmology
    • Orthopedic
    • Pediatric
    • Plumbing
    • HVAC
    If you do not see your industry, please email me at, because I can still create you a custom SEO strategy to meet your unique marketing and business goals.
    Results I’ve achieved

    My biggest marketing achievement to this point is I was able to generate $51,547 in revenue and 325 Leads directly from SEO Marketing in 2 months.

    View the case study to learn more, (Due to confidentiality agreements, name of client cannot be disclosed)

    Below you can see screenshots of recent SEO campaigns results.

    SEO campaign results 2 Roggie Clark Baltimore, MD

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Search engine optimization (SEO)

    SEO or Search engine optimization is any tactics, or strategies someone uses to help a website show up higher on search engine results pages. These tactics can be things such as keyword research, auditing a website for technical performance, building backlinks, or rewriting content to make it easier for humans and search engines to read.

    Why do businesses use SEO

    SEO is done in order to help businesses who want more natural or “organic” website visitors from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. These organic website visitors are prized because they are often; more educated about a business’s products or services, need little convincing to purchase and are likely to leave good reviews.

    How long does SEO take to work

    SEO results can and will vary on factors such as, seasonality, search engine updates, competitor SEO tactics, and holidays and days of observance. Because of this I will never promise immediate or fast SEO results, and in fact if you come across a company who does, please be leary. Instead I will provide you with a 90 day game plan, 30 days to increase pagerank, 30 days to create content to educate your audience, and 30 days to increase brand awareness through link building and citations.

    Again this a typical package, but I would firmly recommend you try out a single service, see if you like it, if so then we can setup a larger package.

    How much do your SEO services cost

    I typically charge clients by the hour depending on their niche, and required services. Contact me directly at as I have to personalize my services and rates to each client to ensure maximum success.

    What is included in each package

    Here is a list of the 4 different SEO services I offer, contact me directly for specific rates, or personalized packages.

    • Keyword report – I identify your top 10 lowest performing keyword rankings
    • On-page improvements – I rewrite titles, descriptions, image text, and headings to be more SEO – friendly
    • Technical recommendations – I identify easy technical website fixes
    • Link Building Ideas – I identify  quick ways to gain backlinks and build partnerships
    • Content recommendation -I identify content ideas to improve conversion rates

    What cities can you service in Maryland

    I am able to work with clients in Annapolis, Columbia, Silver springs, Bethesda, Towson, Laurel, College park, Baltimore. If you are in Maryland I can help you!

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