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Meet Your SEO Career Mentor: Raj Clark!

Raj Clark Bouncerank owner and SEO Expert
Bounce Rank SEO Blog Owner; Raj Clark

Hello everybody my name is Raj Clark!

I am an inbound sales and marketing manager and an Expert in Search Engine Optimization!

What makes this blog unique, is I focus on providing you with actionable SEO tips and tricks that are perfect for beginners!

The strategies I teach can help you get a job as a specialist!

but I don’t stop there!

I also help you build confidence, authority, and expertise!

SEO Specialist FAQs:

How Long Does it Take to Learn SEO?:

For a beginner 3-5 months, to learn all three domains of SEO ; On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical. I believe in that time you can have a strong enough grasp of concepts to start improving your Google Search Rankings, or even get a job as an SEO specialist. Now to become an SEO Expert, you will need to learn SEO in much more detail!

Can I Learn SEO On My Own?:

Yes! You can learn SEO on your own, the best way to learn is to watch YouTube videos, or to read blogs on Google like this one!

Also you can learn at home without taking any college courses, or getting a certification!

How cool is that!

Begin Learning SEO Today!:

You can get begin by reading my SEO Specialist Beginner Guide!

Good luck on your SEO Journey!


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