3 Myths about Content Marketing

In my experience as an SEO specialist and Content marketing professional I have come across a lot of myths about content marketing, that I hope to debunk in this article. 

Here are my thoughts:

1. Content marketing can work without SEO

One myth about content marketing is that it can work without SEO. This is far from the truth!

Without SEO there is absolutely no possible way your audience will find it unless you are able to use paid marketing.

When creating a piece of content, I always advise clients to first start off with performing Keyword research.

By doing research, you’re finding not only relevant words that your audience is using to find businesses like yours, but also you’re getting insight on the exact type of questions and problems that they have. 

You can then use this information to craft your content strategy around solutions to their pain points. 

Thus helping you to build more trust with them.

But also by performing keyword research you’re able to identify important words and phrases that your audience is using to find your type of product or service.

By knowing this information, you can work these keywords into your content in a way that is natural and human. 

Thus not only helping you to rank higher on search engines but also create a more positive user experience on your website.


2. Content Marketing should just be about being trendy

Another myth about content marketing is that it is just about showing up on popular news outlets or producing the hottest TikTok video. 

Honestly, it can be something as simple as producing an eBook or even creating a YouTube video. 

As long as your audience finds value in it, and you can get it in front of them, it is considered Content marketing.

Also what I’ve found in my own experience is that consumers are moving away from wanting overly-doctored-up pieces of content to wanting something that is natural, and relevant to their interests.

So it may be worth considering creating content that is less flashy and more real.


3. You have to be a writing professional to produce good content

I hear clients say this all the time:

“I’m not a subject matter expert?” or “I’m not a great writer”.  

To be a great content marketer you have to simply understand your audience.  

This is why I tell business owners that honestly you are the best person to come up with content ideas. 


Because you often are the most knowledgeable about what it is that your audience wants and needs.

So I think sometimes business owners get scared with the idea of writing, but I think it actually works in their favor because again as I mentioned earlier, gone are the days of consumers wanting overly produced marketing. 

Instead readers want content that is authentic, easy to digest, and speaks to their unique pain points. 


Content Marketing is about connecting with your audience

I hope by sharing this information it can help you to create better content for your website and help you connect with your audience more effectively.

What we are seeing across the board is that marketing is no longer just about overly produced content.

Consumers don’t want that anymore.

They want real connection.

If you found this content helpful leave me a comment and share it with someone who can benefit from it.

So long until next time.

Roggie (Raj) Clark is a Senior SEO Manager, specialist & career mentor with 9 years of experience. He has worked with a wide range of clients in many industries including B2B, SaaS, Fintech, home improvement, tech-startups, dentistry, and eye care. He started the blog; Bounce Rank, as a way to help business owners grow their website traffic and to help people who want to get a job in SEO.

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