Chat-GPT Article Writing Prompts For Creating SEO Blog Post

When it comes to using Chat-GPT for writing SEO blog posts, the key is to use prompts that allow you to streamline the process while also getting accurate, relevant information that you can include in your blog post.

I honestly don’t think Chat-GPT is going anywhere it comes to writing content for SEO, but as Google continues to build on its Helpful Content System, I think it is even more important to make sure that the prompts you use are quality. So here are 1o Chat-GPT article writing prompts that I personally use for creating SEO blog posts.

Keyword research/Blog topic brainstorming

Whenever I am creating an SEO blog post I always start off with keyword research and topic brainstorming. Doing this first ensures that the topic I choose is being searched for on Google. We can use Chat-GPT to help us come up with some topics. Here are my prompts below.

*Note Chat-GPT can’t give search volume, competition, CPC, or any other keyword metric data*

  • Give me 5 popular topics in the {insert your niche} industry to write a blog post on
  • Give me 3-5 semantically related keywords to {Insert the keyword you’re  targeting here} to include in my blog post

SEO Best Practices (Title tag, Meta description, Headings, Internal Links}

Once I have my topic I then start laying out my post. When comes to doing SEO it is important to follow common best practices, like having a Title tag, Meta description, Headings, Internal Links, and Images. These are referred to as On-Page SEO, and having these components ensures that visitors enjoy your post, and find what they are looking for. Here are my prompts:

*Note Chat-GPT can’t help with Backlinks*

  • Title Tags
      • Write me a title tag that is 65 characters or less for a blog on {insert blog topic}
  • Meta Descriptions
      • Give me three examples of meta descriptions that are between 50 and 160 characters or less for a blog post on {insert your topic}
  • Headings
      • Give me an H1 and H2s, for my blog post on {insert your topic} keep them short and skimmable, code them in HTML elements, and use these keywords as a guide “{insert your3-5 semantically related keywords}
  • Links
      • Give me 3-5 authoritative sources to link to for my article, also give me anchor text and tell me where to link them for my article {copy and paste the whole article chat-gpt generated here}
  • Images
    • Give me 3-5 types of images I should include in my blog post on {insert keyword} and include suggested image alt text

Content Writing

One major issue with Chat-GPT is that it tends to hallucinate, now as you can imagine this can be pretty problematic because you run the risk of having content that is not factually correct. Now there is not substitute for reading over your content and fact-checking it, but the prompts I have below can help speed up things.

  • Write me an SEO-friendly blog post that will pass plagiarism checkers on {insert your topic} use these headings in the article {insert the generated H1 and H2s}
  • Give me the definition of each of these {insert keywords} in lamens terms and why they should matter to the reader
  • Rewrite this{copy and paste content under PAA} to address this heading {insert question from PPA} explain it even simpler

Want More Templates and Guides?

Hopefully, these Chat-GPT SEO prompts helped you out. Visit my website to get access to more helpful resources and templates, that can help do SEO easier and get more SEO clients.

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