Bounce Rank is staffed by experienced SEO consultants with an emphasis on attention to detail. Every consultant that works with us is professional and able to deliver expert results.

 Learn more about our consultants below.

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Roggie Clark

SEO Consultant Roggie Clark - Bounce Rank

Roggie Clark, aka Raj Clark is an 8-year SEO manager and author of the book, ABC’s of SEO Search Engine Optimization. Raj is also the owner of Bounce Rank and the head consultant.

Raj is well-versed in Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Link-Building, and data analytics. He currently lives in Odenton, Maryland with his sister, and niece. Learn more about Roggie Clark.

Why work with Bounce Rank

We know there are numerous other SEO companies and firms that you could work with, but what makes Bounce Rank stand out is our four core principles, which together make up our T.A.P.E Method, Transparency, Attention to Detail, Personalization and Ethics


Our clients are never in the dark about their project status. We use project management software and messaging systems to ensure that you always know what's going on.

Attention to Detail

We treat every client's website like our own, which means care and time is taken to ensure every change that is made is done correctly and achieves the intended goal.


Every client is different and requires a different approach. We understand that and work with each client to create a strategy that best fits their needs and unique revenue goals.


No shady SEO tactics and smoke and mirrors. Our methods are 100% white hat. We focus on user experience and producing long-term results that keep our clients happy.

Ready to get started?

Bounce Rank is an SEO firm built on value, with no shortcuts – ever. If you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level, feel free to contact us today to discuss how our services can benefit your business. Also, visit our about page to learn more about our story.

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