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Etsy SEO Grows Shop Traffic By 417%

Etsy SEO Case Study - Bounce Rank

No that is not clickbait! 

I found in a recent, 2 month-long case study that:

Etsy SEO is the BEST way to grow your shop!

Here’s some key highlights:

  • Revenue: $664.95
  • Total Orders: 178 
  • Customer Reviews: 60
  • Conversion Rate: 12.4%
  • Shop Visits: 1,386

And my favorite:

Ad Spend: $0

You might be wondering:

Will SEO work for me? Is this long-term? Is it easy to do?

the short answer:


In this case study, I hope to answer all your burning questions and then inspire you to try these methods out for yourself.

SEO is not as complicated as you may think! With just a few steps you can go from 0 orders to 100 orders!

Also be sure to bookmark this page, as I have included links to the resources I used to learn how SEO works.

And please use the table of contents below to help you navigate the case study.

Okay here’s what I found!


Table Of Contents:


My friend and Spiritual Life Coach: Renee’ Clark asked me to help her grow her Etsy shop.  At the time, she had zero customers, and was only getting a few views per month.

This is a screen-capture of her shop:

Etsy SEO Case Study - Bounce Rank

Having already grown a shop myself, I knew SEO was the best way for her to grow.

Before getting started, I worked with Renee’ to come up with some metrics to track to see if the SEO is working or not.

Here’s what we came up with:

Conversion Rate 

  •  How many customers completed checkout?

Order Total 

  • How many total listings sold?


  • Total Amount of sales minus Etsy fees (listings, transactions, off-site ads)


  •  What did her customers think about her services?

Shop Visits/Traffic

  •  How many people visited the shop?

The reason why we chose these metrics was to be able to clearly see if the SEO was actually leading to more money.

I understand guys:

That’s why you want to try out Etsy SEO! So I would recommend tracking these same things for yourself.

Okay now for the strategies I used!

SEO Methods Used:

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is defined as “identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines to find products and services”. (MOZ).

In other words:

What specific words describe your products that people actually use.

(Etsy has a great article on keywords 101 you can read!)

I worked with Renee’ to identify a list of keywords that matched her unique services. I then used the Etsy search bar.

Here’s a screen shot of what I mean by using the search bar:


Etsy Search bar - Bounce Rank

As you can see when I typed in her service more suggestions came up. I wrote down these suggestions as well as keywords from her competitors too.

I then worked with Renee’ again to narrow down the list of keywords based on these criteria:

Search volume:

    • (How popular is the keyword?)

Total competition: 

      • (The number of sellers already selling the product, less than 1,000?)

Relevancy/Search Intent:

    •  ( Did the keywords match the services she could effectively provide?)

This was the list we came up with:

Etsy SEO Case Study - Bounce Rank

I know what you may be thinking:

Why did you use this criteria?

I used this criteria as it was based on an SEO best practice of utilizing “holy-grail keywords”.

A term coined by Search Engine Journal writer: DANIEL LOFASO.

These are keywords that have a high search volume and low competition.

Because of that, they are much easier and quicker to rank listings for. 

Okay let’s move on to my next method:

Front loading!


Front Loading Keywords in the Title:

Once we had these keywords I advised Renee’ on what listings to create. Once the listings were created I again utilized another SEO best practice of “Front-Loading” the keywords in the title. 

Here’s how Kendall Copywriting defines what Front Loading is:

“Front-loading means putting the important details, special information and keywords at the front of sentences, headings, paragraphs, links, buttons, list items and calls-to-action.

Put your key details at the front and your readers are more likely to discover the key messages – and less likely to get bored.” (Kendall Copywriting)

Here is an example of the listing created and optimized:

Optimized Listing - Bounce Rank

As you can see in the screenshot, I front loaded the main keyword: “same day channeled message from spirit”

Okay now my last method:

Filling out all the tags.

Filling Out Tags:

Etsy is a bit different from other search engines like Amazon and Google in the sense that they still use “tags” to help match buyers to products.

So in addition to putting the keywords in the title, we also put them in the tags, and description.

You can see in the screenshot that the keyword: “channeled message” was implemented there as well.

Etsy Tags -Bounce Rank

Again this is an SEO best practice, but rather so an Etsy best practice.

Here’s what Etsy’s Help Page Says about tags:

“A tag is a word or short phrase that describes your item. Etsy matches tags with shoppers’ searches to find relevant results. To improve where your items are appearing on Etsy, be sure to use your tags when listing your items! You can use up to 13 tags per item listing. A single tag can be a short descriptive phrase (for example: “silver earrings”). (Etsy help)

Here’s some additional things we did:

Additional Practices

  • Viewed competitors listings for more keyword examples
  • Viewed Instagram and Pinterest for more keyword ideas

Now let’s move on to my favorite part:



Date: November 1st – December 22nd

Conversion Rate: 12.8%

We found on average 12 out of 100 visitors became buyers!

This is amazing as the average Etsy conversion rate is 1 – 3%!

Conversion Rate - Bounce Rank


Order Total: 178 Orders

We were finding that people were ordering more than once.

One customer had ordered 3 times in the span of a week!

Order Totals - Bounce Rank


Revenue: $664.95

Minus Etsy fees of ($120.97 )

We ended up with $543.98 profit.

Revenue - Bounce Rank

Store Visits: 1,386

We noticed a “snowball effect”.

As more people visited the shop, Etsy began recommending it more.

Traffic - Bounce Rank

Reviews: 60

This a sample of the reviews that were left:

Reviews - Bounce Rank

What we also found was that as we received more reviews,  everything else increased. Like orders, visits, and favorites.

That was exciting!

Now you may argue that these results were rather small. I did only run the study for 2 months, but let me now explain to you further why these results demonstrate that Etsy SEO does actually WORK!

Here are some more of my conclusions:


Etsy SEO Does Not Take Long:

How long does it take Etsy SEO work? What I found was it honestly can start taking effect in as little as a week. It does take Etsy some time to properly index your listings, but once you start getting a few visits you will see a snowball effect:

In November we saw roughly 84 visits, but by the first week of December we had 351 visits: A 400% increase in traffic!

By campaign end, we received 91% of our total traffic just from Etsy!

I believe that had the campaign continued to January, Renee would have seen a 500% increase in traffic.


Etsy SEO Produces Long Term Results:

I think the most amazing thing about SEO is the results are long term. What we found was that Etsy was recommending the listings to more and more buyers.

Essentially once I set up the SEO, there was nothing else I had to do.

For instance:

Even though Renee unfortunately shut down her shop in December for health reasons. The shop still receives 14 views a week just from SEO!

Etsy SEO Works For Any Seller:

Another rebuttal for this data may be that these results may not work for what you are selling.

But I want to point out that Etsy SEO best practices are based on real human psychology!

For instance: front loading

In a 1997 study: Norman Nielsan observed how a group of people read and interpreted web content:

Nielsen found that “79 percent of test users always scanned any new page that they came across; only 16 percent of users read word-by-word”. 

So essentially as humans we are more likely to skim content.

So by front loading keywords it is easier for searchers to find your listings and visit them!

How cool is that?

So with that being said, you can be rest assured that these methods can work for you as well!



So to conclude, we found that by first choosing relevant keywords with high traffic and low competition, front loading them and then accurately placing them in the listing tags.

We can achieve, in 1-2 months with Etsy SEO:

  • 12.8% conversion rate
  •  178 orders 
  • Over $500 dollars of clear profit !


Leave Me a Comment!

Thank you for reading my case study, if you have any questions or need help with Etsy SEO, please leave me a comment on the blog and I will get back to you with in 24 hours.

I love to read your responses as it helps me make better content to help you out!

I also included a list of FAQs that you can reference if you still need help performing SEO on Etsy.


Etsy SEO FAQs:


What Does SEO Mean on Etsy?

SEO on Etsy means you are using keywords and putting them in your listings so Etsy is more likely to recommend your products.

SEO in general is the marketing process of labeling your products or content with “keywords” to help “search engines” recommend your content to buyers. 

How to Find Keywords For Etsy?

The Etsy search bar and your competition! I found that this was the best way to find keywords as the competition already showed what keywords were popular.

Also Renee’ had a small budget so these methods were free in comparison to other commercial Etsy SEO tools like Marmalead or ERank. Which are fine but you do not need them to be successful.

How Long Does it Take For Etsy SEO to Work?

In 1 – 2 months. Again as I stated in the results section that in our first month we saw 84 visits but by the first week of December the visits went up to 351. A 417% increase to be exact!

How to Optimize SEO For Etsy?

The best way to improve your SEO is to study your data the same way we did.

Look at your conversion rate, shop visits, keyword appearances, and orders.

Use this data to help you see if your efforts are working.

Also consult case studies like this or Etsy’s Help page as they have a great article where they explain how Etsy SEO works.

Why is My Etsy SEO Not Working?

So you may have tried SEO but here’s some reasons why it may not be working:

1.You could be targeting keywords that have too much competition or not enough searches.

2. You might not be front-loading your keywords.

3. You might not be filling out all your descriptions and data.

4. Your products listing might not be enticing enough to buyers.

5. Your shop policies are not clearly filled out.

These are just some things to consider, but if all else fails look at your competition. If they are ranking higher than you than they must be doing something right! So use them for inspiration.


Now it’s your turn!

In the comments let me know what you thought about the case study!

What strategy do you want to try out first?

Does this inspire you to grow your shop on Etsy?


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