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How To Verify Your Website On Google Search Console With HTML Tag?

Google Search Console Verification is the best way to help Google discover your website!

In this guide I am going to explain to you what it is, Why you should use it and how to add it to your website quick and easy! 

There are many ways to do this, but I find that the HTML tag method is the easiest and the funniest! 🙂

To help you follow along I included screenshots and a step by step video also walking you through how to verify GSC.

You can watch the GSC Verification Video below:

Table Of Contents:

What is Google Search Console?

A free tool by Google that helps you monitor your website’s traffic, collect data and troubleshoot any indexing issues that may arise will maintaining your website. 

The tool is also useful for discovering keywords that triggered your website.

You can then use this information to improve your On-Site and Off-Site SEO by optimizing/fixing your content to include these keywords that people are actually using to find your website!

How cool is that?

Why Should You Use it?

It is useful because it can help you track key metrics and make adjustments to your website.

Also Search Console is useful for submitting pages (inspect Url) to Google to help them become aware of them sooner.

Below I included some helpful data you collect via GSC.

Here is some important data you can see via Google Search Console

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Average Position
  • 404 Broken Links
  • Rich Enhancements (Schema Markup)

Okay now that you know what it is and why it is useful, here’s how to install it!

Google Search Console Verification How To Guide:

Here’s how to setup it up!

Quick note:

If you have Google Site Kit, Analytics or Tag Manager it verifies it for you, so this may be helpful to know!

1.Login into Search Console through any Google account:

Login Into Google Search Console

2.Enter Your URL Prefix in Property Type:

Google Search Console Verifying Process

Quick tip:

Type in your domain as such:

  • https://domainname.com

(Be sure to replace “domainname” for you specific domain.)

So for Bounce Rank it would behttps://bouncerank.com”

3.Copy the HTML Tag:

It would be a good idea to copy your tag to a Google doc or a spreadsheet.

That way you don’t loose it when you are moving around things on your website!

How To verify with HTML Tag Google Search Console

4. Add the Tag to Your Website:

Now you need to copy and paste the code into your website’s header.

For WordPress you can you use the insert headers and footers free plugin to do it.

Here’s how to install it and use it:

Login into WordPress, go to plugins and then press “add new”.

Add Plugin to wordpress

I highlighted in the screenshot the plugin I am talking about.

How To add New Plugin WordPress

Press “install now”

Once installed move on to the next step:

Now it is installed navigate to “settings” and then click “Insert Headers and Footers”:

How To Add Html Tag To Website

Now take that HTML tag you had from Search Console and paste it into your header.

Insert HTML Tag in Header

Don’t forget to press save!!!

Once the code is copied and pasted, spin back on over to Search console and press verify!

Verify Completed

If it doesn’t work check to see if you entered the code correctly.

Alternatively you can verify via DNS lookup! This may take longer but it is still just as effective!

Okay now that you verified your website, here are somethings that you may be asking yourself once you login!

Why is My Google Console Not Showing Data?

The reason your dashboard may be blank is because your website either doesn’t have enough data (this is common for newer websites) or the data may just take some time to come in.

Typically it can take Google a few business days or a week to populate ranking data. So don’t worry just give it some time!

The data is very accurate, but Google does hide some of your keyword data for user privacy reasons. In fact, Ahrefs did a study that found that Google actually hides 45.6% of keyword data!

This is a lot, but I do believe that the data can still be helpful for helping you make content creation decisions!

GSC Install Guide Wrap-Up:

Okay, I hope this tutorial was able to help you install Google Search Console on your website!

Again, if you get an error message from Google after installing the tag then you may want to check that you copied the tag correctly.

Leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you!

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