Preparing for your SEO specialist interview

So chances are you are a newbie and you’re ready to start applying for your first SEO specialist job. 

As a newcomer it can be very nerve-wracking applying for a job in a field you’ve never worked in before. 

In this blog post, I am going to share with you tips and tricks to help you prepare for your specialist interview and some things that you want to keep in mind if you would like to ace your interviews.

Let’s get started:

Make sure the environment that you are going to conduct your interview end is professional

Before employers even hear a word out of your mouth the first thing they’re going to take note of is the environment that you are interviewing in. 

Having a messy or unkempt environment may indicate a lack of professionalism or attention to detail.

So before you interview, you’re going to want to ensure that your space is quiet, well-lit,  and free of distractions.

This will make you look more confident and professional in front of your interviewers. 

Familiarize yourself with the company that you are interviewing with

Before you have your interview you are going to want to ensure that you do your research on the company that you are interviewing with.

Recruiters and employers really like to feel that you are interested in working for them and that you would be a great asset to their company.

Not only for the SEO specialist role, but also for the team in general.

So before you have your interview, go to the company website and write down 3 – 4 questions you have. 

That way during the interview when the recruiter asks you if you have questions about the company, you can share them.

This will go a long way with showing them you are really interested in the company.

Review common SEO specialist interview questions 

Before the interview you’re going to want to research some common interview questions. 

Online there are hundreds of sample interview questions that you can review and get familiar with.

We also have a post where we share the 15 common questions that are asked during an SEO interview with answers added.

By checking out these questions you are able to better understand the thought process and mindset that employers have and why they ask these types of questions. 

Also it’s important to note that a lot of times recruiters and employers may not ask you the specific sample questions that are online.

However, they will ask you questions that are similar or have the same idea. 

For example a company may ask you; how do you go about link building? or how do you perform keyword research?

Again by reviewing these questions beforehand you will know just what to say which will help you appear more confident.

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I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post. 

If you want additional support on your SEO specialist journey; please visit our SEO specialist career guide for more tips and tricks to help you succeed in your job search.  

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Until next time!


Raj Clark is a 9 year SEO professional & career mentor. He is also the author of the books ABC's of SEO: Search Engine Optimization 101 and The Technical SEO Handbook He has worked with a wide range of clients in many industries including B2B, SaaS, Fintech, Home improvement, Medical, and E-Commerce. He started the company, Bounce Rank, as a way to help business owners grow their website traffic and to help people who want to get a job in the SEO career field.

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