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    Personalized Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing Services

    Struggling to make your mark in the real estate game?

    In today’s hyper-competitive real estate landscape, standing out from the crowd can feel like an uphill battle. With countless properties vying for attention and buyers becoming savvier by the day, how can you ensure that your real estate business doesn’t get lost in the noise?

    That’s where we come in – your beacon of success in the crowded world of real estate. We specialize in crafting tailored marketing strategies that leverage the power of digital platforms to captivate your audience and convert leads into loyal clients.

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    Who We Are

    SEO consultant Roggie Clark

    We are a full-stack digital marketing agency based in Odenton, Maryland headed by an eight year digital marketing professional Roggie Clark, a.k.a “Raj”. 

    Raj has worked as a digital marketing specialist and SEO manager, for companies in Healthcare, and software industries.

    What makes Bounce Rank’s approach unique is we approach digital marketing from a holistic standpoint driven by business goals. 

    We don’t think of online marketing as just being code and widgets, no – we see it as a powerful way to build online authority and increase lead generation efforts.

    Digital Marketing Services We Offer

    Google Ads

    Harness the power of Google's advertising platforms. As an experienced marketer, I possess the skills and knowledge to optimize your campaigns, boost your visibility in search results, and drive valuable traffic to your website.

    Facebook Ads

    Supercharge your social media strategy with expert Facebook marketing assistance. As a seasoned marketer, I possess the skills and expertise to optimize your Facebook campaigns, increase your brand visibility, and generate meaningful engagement.

    Web Design

    Transform your online presence with expert web design assistance. With my skills and expertise in web design, I can create a captivating digital experience that showcases your brand's unique identity and effectively communicates your message.

    Review Aggregation

    Customer reviews are a vital asset for building trust and credibility in today's digital landscape. As a seasoned professional, I can help you effectively gather and showcase authentic reviews from across various platforms.


    “Working with Raj has been a breeze! He communicates well, has a collaborative approach, and is adaptable to every change I had. A true pleasure to partner with him, and I am looking forward to seeing what else we can accomplish together.”

    – Kofi

    I can’t thank Raj enough for his incredible digital marketing services. His expertise and dedication have taken my business to new heights. From coming up with a customized strategy to delivering exceptional results, he has proven his mastery in the digital realm. My online presence has flourished, and I’m witnessing remarkable growth in leads and phone calls. If you’re seeking digital marketing excellence, Raj is the answer.”

    – Georgina 

    “Exceptional results! A game-changer for any real estate professional looking to maximize their digital presence and business growth.”

    – Robert

    “I’m thoroughly impressed by the impact of the marketing services. My business has experienced a noticeable upswing in leads and clients, I can’t thank Raj enough for all of his help. Would totally recommend it!”

    – Sandra

    Our Promises


    Our clients are never in the dark about their project status. We use project management software and messaging systems to ensure that you always know what's going on.

    Attention to Detail

    We treat every client's website like our own, which means care and time is taken to ensure every change that is made is done correctly and achieves the intended goal.


    Every client is different and requires a different approach. We understand that and work with each client to create a strategy that best fits their needs and unique revenue goals.


    No shady marketing tactics and smoke and mirrors. Our methods are 100% white hat. We focus on user experience and producing long-term results that keep our clients happy.

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