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How To Check For & Remove Keyword Stuffing (With Screenshots)

In this guide I will show you with screenshots how to check for and remove Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword Stuffing is one of the easiest “Black Hat SEO Practice” to fix

But first what is it:

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Google defines Keyword Stuffing as:

the practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results. Often these keywords appear in a list or group, or out of context (not as natural prose).

Essentially it is repeating the same words over and over again in attempt to encourage search engines to rank your website higher in the search results.

Here’s an example:

Keyword Stuffing Example Credit Content Writiers

(Cited From Content Writers)

Now that you know what keyword stuffing is here’s how to fix it:

How to Fix Keyword Stuffing

1.Check to see if your content has keyword stuffing:

You can use a keyword density tool to see how often a keyword is repeated.

Just put in your website url:

Keyword Stuffing Checker - Bounce Rank

Press enter and then scroll down to your “keyword density report”

Here’s an example:

Keyword Stuffing Checker 2 - Bounce Rank


Ideally a keywords should not appear more than 5 -10% of the time

If it is anything crazy like 30% or 50% then you need to make some edits.

2.Look back over your content and remove keyword stuffing:

You will definitely have to login into your websites hosting:

If your hosting is through your SEO company I would think about switching it

Quick tip:



If for whatever reason your relationship dissolves with them

They may try to do Black-Hat SEO Methods like we talked about.

So if you need to switch hosting:

Godaddy or Bluehost are worth considering.

Again make sure you keep your credentials to yourself and just give your SEO Company access to your WordPress.

Now once you are logged into your site navigate to your pages, find the offending page,

Create a new page, and then copy over the edited page

I would rewrite the content to sound as human and natural as possible.

Once finished press save.

Next you need to resubmit the page to Google.

I am going to show you using Google Search Console if this is your first time

Read my Google Search Console Verfication How To Post you can use the steps below to verify your website using Search console

3.How To Resubmit Webpage to Google:

Now that your site is verified, go to “inspect url” and paste in your webpage you want to submit

Be sure you include “www” in the url

Press enter and Press “request indexing”

request indexing Google

Google will test your webpage first:

How To Request Indexing - Google

if it is compliant you will get this message:

Priority Crawl

8 Now you just have to wait for Google to re-index the page.

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