The Best SEO Beginner Book

The ABCs of SEO Search Engine Optimization 101 By Roggie Clark is a groundbreaking book that teaches SEO in an easy-to-understand manner where even a child could grasp such a difficult subject.

If you are looking to get a career in SEO, or just grow your knowledge in general then this is the book that is guaranteed to help you do it.

Read the rest of the page to learn more about Roggie and how the book was created.

An SEO book written by Roggie Clark

What the Book Includes

Are you looking for an in-depth guide to learning SEO? In this groundbreaking book by Roggie Clark, you will learn the basics of Search engine optimization from start to finish. Learn Technical SEO, On-Site SEO, Link-Building, HTML, and data analysis. The book includes strategies and tips designed to help you learn detailed concepts and be able to apply these skills as soon as possible. 

The book includes a thorough breakdown of all three domains of search engine optimization; Technical, On-Site, and Link-Building. Here’s what else you will learn:

  • Learn how search engines work
  • Identify the right keywords and phrases to target
  • Diagnose and Fix Common Technical SEO Issues
  • Optimize your website’s structure for search engines
  • Build quality backlinks to boost your authority
  • Analyze and track Data to make better decisions
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and techniques

Book Features

  • 157 Pages
  • 7’ x 10’ size
  • A glossy-finish cover for a classic look and feel
  • APA references and in-text citations
  • Glossary of terms
  • Pictures

Who is the Author

SEO consultant Roggie Clark

Roggie (Raj) Clark, is an 8-year SEO professional and owner of the SEO agency; Bounce Rank. Prior to joining the SEO industry, Raj was a web developer and school teacher. It was through creating his own websites, and wanting a career change from teaching, that Raj stumbled across the world of SEO.

Since joining the field nearly a decade ago, Raj has worked on a wide range of campaigns, from eCommerce to B2B, to Healthcare, for enterprise companies and marketing agencies in the United States. He is regarded as an expert, and guru by his colleagues, and the SEO industry. Raj currently lives in Maryland with his sister and niece.

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    Why was the Book Written

    The idea of writing a book about SEO arose from Roggie’s own desire to learn the entire topic. He spent hours reading blogs, watching videos, and taking courses to learn the basics.

    However he discovered that he was consuming so much content that it was challenging to apply anything he learned. In other words, he was suffering from “Analysis Paralysis,” or wanting to do everything so perfectly that he did nothing at all. Maybe some of you can relate!

    Despite his analysis paralysis, Raj began to piece together this complex topic. Then one day, he thought, “How great would it be to create a resource to help me remember and synthesize these concepts?” His desire to create an SEO resource for himself manifested into wanting to create an all-encompassing resource that could also help others.

    While writing this book, he spent months acquiring resources and reviewing different perspectives on SEO. He wanted to ensure that when he gave you this book, you would receive a piece of literature that skillfully weaves together the concepts of SEO in an easy-to-understand fashion.

    Raj hopes that from reading this, you will be able to apply these ideas right away and not suffer from that sense of analysis paralysis that he felt or maybe you have experienced in the past.

    It was important to share with you a deeper perspective on his overall intent for producing this piece of content.

    Who is this Book For

    This book is an ideal starting point for beginners to SEO, offering valuable insights and essential knowledge for anyone who wishes to learn the basics. Both novices and those seeking a deeper understanding of SEO principles will greatly benefit from this comprehensive guide.

    Where is The Book Available

    The book is available in paperback and ebook versions on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, Scribd and other major retailers.

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