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Meet your SEO career guide: Raj Clark

Raj Clark Bouncerank owner and SEO Expert
Bounce Rank: SEO Specialist Blog Owner; Raj Clark

Hello everybody my name is Raj (Roggie) Clark.

I am an SEO manager, specialist and career mentor.

I started Bounce Rank to help you learn SEO so you can get your first job in the SEO field.

What makes this blog unique, is I focus on providing you with detailed insight on how the SEO job market actually works, and what to expect during your SEO interviews from my perspective.

As someone who has had five SEO jobs and been through thirty interviews and counting.

I’ve learned a lot and want to help you do the same.

but I don’t stop there!

I also help you build confidence, authority, and expertise.

So you can standout from the crowd and get the job you deserve.

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Not ready yet for a job?

If you are still new to the field and not yet confident for a job yet.

You may want to check out some of my guides to help get your confidence up.

Visit my how to become a SEO specialist career guide and my SEO Resume and Cover Letter Guide for help on how to fill out the templates.

Until next time!

Best of luck on your journey!


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