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SEO Career Starter Pack Includes:

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Why I Became an SEO Specialist?

Raj Clark Bouncerank owner and SEO Expert
Raj Clark Owner of Bounce Rank

Prior to becoming an SEO Specialist, I was a school teacher!

Now I absolutely loved the impact that I was making, seeing my students learn and grow everyday was definitely a warm welcome:

But I hated my job!

I had to get up at 7:00 am almost every morning.

I had to sit in hours of traffic every day. I was micromanaged.

I had to take work home with me.

Even on weekends.

And worst of all:

I was struggling to pay my bills!

Not mention, I felt unhealthy, stressed, and I was always sick! All during a pandemic!

Knowing that:

I knew I needed a career path that would award me the most important resource of all:

More free time!

So I understand you guys may all be coming from different backgrounds.

Maybe you are a DoorDash driver, maybe you work at a grocery store, maybe you work in a cubicle, maybe you’re a stay at-home mom.

Regardless of your background, this starter pack will get help you get a job in SEO and get one step closer to reclaiming your freedom!

Here are 3 common questions that I get asked all the time about pursuing a career in SEO:

The best way to explain SEO on your resume is to highlight any task that you have done to increase a websites’ traffic. So if you have rewritten content to make it easier to read, put that! If you have added internal or external links to a website. Put that!

So anything that highlights the impact you have made. Here are a few more examples you can include:

  • Rewrote Title tags and  Meta descriptions
  • Added meaningful Alt text
  • Performed Blog outreach to increase Backlinks
  • Add Schema markup to increase Click through rate
  • Use SEO tools to perform Keyword research.

To become an SEO Specialist you need a strong understanding of all three domains of SEO. On-Site, Off-Site, and Technical SEO. Also it is helpful for you to know what a Search Engine is and how they work.

Another thing you may be asked to do is data tracking. So a basic understanding of Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Tag Manager may be helpful as well!

Yes absolutely! Becoming an SEO specialist is a great idea for many reasons:

  • Work remotely
  • Paid time off
  • Valuable skillset
  • No bossy managers!!!

Not mention, you do not need a college degree or certification to get a job!

So now what are you waiting for?

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