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Are you looking for an SEO coach to help you grow your search engine optimization knowledge and skills? The problem with learning SEO is that it can be difficult with all the jargon and confusing words. It can be a nightmare trying to keep up. That is where an SEO coach can come in.

My name is Raj Clark I am the owner of Bounce Rank, an SEO Coaching service on a mission to help grow the world through SEO. I offer 1:1 coaching services to help you simplify your learning experience so you can either use SEO to get a job or grow your own business or blog.

Meet Your SEO Coach: Raj Clark

Raj Clark Bouncerank owner and SEO Expert
SEO Coach; Raj Clark

Hello everybody my name is Raj (Roggie) Clark. I am an SEO manager, specialist, and career mentor.

Raj is also the author of several SEO book, ABC’s of SEO Search Engine Optimization 101, and The Technical SEO Handbook.

What makes this service unique, is I focus on providing you with detailed insight on how the SEO market actually works, and what to expect. As someone who has had five SEO jobs and 8 years of experience. I’ve learned a lot and want to help you do the same, but I won’t stop there! I also help you build confidence, authority, and expertise.

What My SEO Coaching Services Include

When you get my SEO coaching services or agency services you can guarantee that you will receive 1:1 personalized support that is meant to make you feel confident and sure that you can tackle SEO with ease. I teach everything you need to know about performing Google SEO.

Here’s What You Will Get…

  • A free initial consultation to meet me, get your questions answered and learn about the program.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: I continuously monitor industry trends, adapt my strategies accordingly, and keep you light-years ahead of your competitors.
  • Get long-term value: hiring an SEO mentor is an investment that yields long-term returns. Learn skills that help you stay employed.


Watch the videos below to hear how my current students feel about my SEO coaching services and why they would recommend them to people like you!

Helpful Resources

In addition to coaching, I also offer helpful guides, videos, and tutorials to help you learn SEO, and apply for jobs. Check them out below:

SEO Learning Guides

Here are some guides that I wrote that can help you with learning SEO as a beginner:

SEO Specialist Job Hunting

Here are different articles I wrote to help you with getting a job as an SEO specialist:

Get My SEO Coaching Services Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dominate the digital landscape. Join us today and take the first step towards achieving your online success. Let’s turn you into an SEO pro!  You can email me at [email protected]

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