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How Do I Get Into SEO With No Experience?: 3 Proven Steps

Getting a job in SEO with no experience is simple with these 3 steps.

  • Learn Technical SEO
  • Create projects
  • Apply for jobs

Here’s the thing:

Employers want to see that you can ACTUALLY do the work, and I know that when it comes to learning how to do the job you may think that there is a shortcut to learning.

Honestly I don’ think there is:

Here’s what I do think:

Getting skills is not as hard as it seems, you can learn how to do SEO and get a job by learning the right things. I believe that a lot times it can seem daughting because a lot of the SEO teaching out there is a lot to consume

I want to simplify things for you

So here’s my 3 step process to getting a job in SEO with no experience.

Learn Technical SEO

I know exactly what you are thinking:

I’m not a computer whiz, how the hell can learn this stuff?”

Well its honestly pretty simple.

I just helped friend of mine get a job recently by just learning how to read “source code”

Source code is what the back of a webpage looks.

You see on the front of a website we see pictures, color, fonts, text

But on the backend, there is a world of code waiting to be discovered.

It can seem a bit intimidating to read, but the key is to only focus in on what you need to look for.

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Alt text
  • H1
  • H2
  • H3

Okay so what are these? I will explain in detail what these are and why show to employers that you know these can wow them and definetly get you one step closer to getting the job.

Title Tag

HTML: <Title><Title/>


So when ever you see a webpage the first thing you may fixate on is the title, as it tells you what the page is going to be about. This element is important because without you have no idea what you are reading.

Not mention if you want to come back to it, you have no idea of remember its name

That’s the common sense side of things

But here’s why it matter specially in SEO



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