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Baltimore Business Owners: Get More Website Traffic and Customers With SEO Marketing Services

Bounce Rank is an SEO Marketing agency located in Baltimore, MD. We focus on helping businesses gain higher visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. By doing this, we are able to help you engage directly with your target audience, build online authority, and improve your business revenue.

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Local business owners often have critical problems on their websites that can prevent them from getting more leads. This could be things like broken contact forms, unsecure webpages, broken links, formatting issues, slow speed, and more.

We can identify all these errors, and provide you with a plan for how they should be fixed. Use the form below to get your free website audit today.

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Why is SEO Important to Your Baltimore Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may sound like mumbo jumbo or jargon, but it is actually a reliable way to market your business online, all while keeping within your budget. Unlike PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and Social Media, which are not bad, but require an ongoing ad spend. SEO is instead a monthly service that provides ongoing website maintenance, content writing, and analysis. Learn more about the benefits of SEO below:

Local Visibility and Targeted Traffic:
SEO helps optimize a business’s online presence to appear prominently in local search results. For a business owner, this means increased visibility among local customers who are actively searching for products or services in the Baltimore area.

Competitive Advantage:
In a competitive market like Baltimore, SEO provides an advantage. Businesses that implement effective SEO are able to take up more real estate on Google, Bing, and Yahoo compared to competitors who neglect it.

Brand Credibility and Trust:
SEO not only improves visibility on Google but also builds credibility and trust. When a business consistently ranks high in search results, it signals to potential customers that the business is reputable and relevant.

Our Baltimore SEO Service Package In-Detail

We like to keep our SEO process simple and tidy. Instead of focusing on silly tactics that could do more harm than good, we instead focus on strategy rooted in industry best practices.

Below we included a list of all the SEO strategies and methods we perform, when you onboard with us, you can guarantee that we are doing these things on your campaign on a consistent basis:

Keyword research

We help you find out the exact words and phrases your audience uses to find similar products and services as yours. This helps give you an idea of what to target and why.

Technical SEO

We help you speed up your website and improve its navigation and usability, so visitors spend more time on your website leading to more customers contacting you.

On Page SEO

We improve your current website's content by adding more keywords, fixing typos, and adding more word count to make it better for both users and search engines.

Maryland Local SEO

As a business based in Maryland it is critical that you get listed in local directories, and it is also important that you have a strong presence on Google My Business. We can help.

Link Building

We help your build backlinks from other websites to increase your traffic and notoriety within your industry. This will not only increase your SEO traffic but also your social media traffic.

Why Work With Bounce Rank

We know there are numerous other SEO companies and firms that you could work with, but what makes Bounce Rank stand out is our four core principles, which together make up our T.A.P.E Method, Transparency, Attention-to-Detail, Personalization and Ethics.


Our clients are never in the dark about their campaign status. We use project management software and messaging systems to ensure that you always know what's going on.

Attention to Detail

We treat every client's website like our own, which means care and time is taken to ensure every change that is made is done correctly and achieves the intended result.


Every client is different and require a different approach. We understand that and work with each client to create a strategy that best fits their needs and unique revenue goals.


No shady SEO tactics or snake-oil. Our methods are proven and tested. We focus on quality and producing long-term results that keep our clients happy.

Our Best Reviews

We are headed by a world-renowned SEO professional named Raj Clark. Raj Clark has helped many individuals grow their businesses and even learn SEO so they can do it themselves. Watch the videos to learn more.

Get A Free website audit to see what your site is missing.

With our in-depth knowledge of the local market, cutting-edge techniques, and a proven track record of success, we are committed to helping your business thrive. Don’t wait any longer! 

Contact us today to discuss your SEO needs and take the first step towards skyrocketing your online traffic and growing your business.

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Disclaimer: Bounce Rank is an SEO agency providing professional services to enhance your website’s search engine visibility. We strive to deliver effective strategies and actionable recommendations to optimize your online presence. While we make every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee the outcomes of implementing our suggestions. SEO results depend on various factors beyond our control, such as search engine algorithms, competition, and website dynamics. Thus, we do not warrant or guarantee specific results or improvements. Implementing changes to your website based on our recommendations is solely at your discretion. It is essential to exercise caution and perform proper backups before making any modifications. We are not liable for any unintended issues, damages, or loss of data that may occur during or after website modifications. By consulting and engaging with Bounce Rank’s services, you acknowledge and accept the limitations of our liability. We disclaim any responsibility for any harm, damages, losses, or negative consequences arising from the usage or implementation of our tips. It is your responsibility to evaluate and make informed decisions based on your individual circumstances. Individual results may vary.

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