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Why is Semantic HTML Coding Important To Google?

From an accessibility standpoint, Semantic HTML is the perfect bridge between SEO and Web Development as it lends it self to both structure and ease of navigation.

But the main reason you should be using it is Google has made it clear that it is their preferred HTML Markup:

In the video from Google’s Search Central Channel: SEOs & web developers: friends or foes?, SEO and host Martin Splitt is asked by Google Chrome Developer; Surma if Search Engines like Google are taking Semantic HTML in consideration when ranking websites.

Here’s what Martin had to say:

SEOs & Web Developers: Friends or Foes? Recap:

Time stamp: 8:48

Surma: “like accessibility is something, which we keep talking about. And we know it’s important. And yet it feels like it always falls off the truck”.

Surma continued: “ Has any search engine ever done anything in this space to help developers be better with accessibility?

Martin Splitt’s response: “We are more or less going in that direction, not necessarily from a purely accessible standpoint, but as search engines need to semantically understand what the site is about, we just don’t take the text and take it as plain”. 

Martin continued: “We basically try to figure out, oh, so this is a section, this is a section, this is the section that is most important on the page. This is just an explainer for the previous section and so on and so forth. For that, we need the semantics that HTML gives us”.

Martin finished by saying: “And actually, these semantics are also important for accessibility oftentimes, because people need to be able to navigate your content differently, maybe with a keyboard, maybe with a screen reader. And for that, the semantics on the page need to be in place from the get go basically”. 

How to Learn Semantic HTML?:

Okay so a representative from Google has made it clear that Semantic HTML does matter because it helps people be able to better navigate your site with a keyboard or screen reader, thus making it more accessible.

So if you want your website to rank higher on Google you may want to take semantic coding into consideration!

So how do you learn it?

I have a small infographic below you can reference.

Bookmark this page as this is great to keep handy when studying for an interviews or when you are in the process of developing.

You can check it out below:

Semantic HTML Infographic:


Does Semantic HTML Matter To You?

Now it is your turn!

Let me know in the comments what you think about Semantic HTML.

Is this something you are going to start doing?

Write me in the comments!

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