What is Off-Page SEO?

This post is focused on explaining What Off-Page SEO is, Why it is important, and how to improve it!

Before reading, you may want to check out my post on What On-Site SEO,  and What is Technical SEO to help you better understand this post!

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Let’s begin, shall we?

Off-site SEO Learning Guide
Off-Site SEO is about getting backlinks or other websites to link to you. This can be done through Content Marketing, Blogger Outreach, and Citation Building.

What is Off-Site SEO?:

Off-Site SEO is about improving the ranking of your web page on Google by gaining Backlinks: Links from other websites or webpages have been shown to have a significant impact on a webpage’s ranking position.

The practice of gaining these backlinks is called Link building.

How is Off-Site SEO Different From On-Site SEO?:

Off-Site SEO is much different from On-Page SEO which focuses more on improving your website’s content by performing keyword research and optimizing title tags, and meta descriptions. While Off-Page is about gaining backlinks to improve your domain authority.

Why Do You Need Off-Page SEO?:

Off-Page SEO is important because getting websites to link to you can help you reach more audiences and improve your overall rankings.

In fact, Google and other Search Engines have determined that backlinks are one of the number one factors when deciding what websites to rank at what position.

So in order to be competitive on Google’s search results page, you may want to invest in Link-Building.

But how do you do it?

How to Do Off-Page SEO?:

There are many ways for an SEO specialist to do Link-Building. I will share a 5 of the most common ways below.

In future post I will explain them more in detail, but for now I will provide links to additional readings to help you better understand how using them can improve your overall SEO strategy.

  1. Blog Outreach
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Broken Link Building
  4. Local Citations
  5. Social Shares

My favorite strategy is Content Marketing and the reason being is Content Marketing is all about making great content that other websites just naturally want to link to.

his can include infographics, listicles, videos, or how-to guides.

Off-Site SEO Wrap-Up:

Off-Site SEO is much more about marketing your websites to other people to get them to link to you.

While I would not make it a priority for a new website, I do believe that it is something that should be focused on for older brands to explode their growth.

In my next post I will discussing Technical SEO, Why it is important and how to do.

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